• Real Estate Radar

    We translate aerial imagery into data!

  • Aerial imagery contains valuable information

    Aerial imagery is well suited for surveying a building or an area quickly. But, what do you do if you want to inspect thousands of buildings or a whole country? Doing it manually isn't an option!


    Readaar mines data from aerial photographs, satellite images and LiDAR­ data. We use object recognition, machine learning, change detection and dense image matching to translate imagery or point clouds into actionable knowledge and CAD­-files.



  • Engineering companies and contractors

    For projects involving the inspection of large areas or many buildings, local surveying is both expensive and time consuming. Surveyors are busy for weeks or even months to get the job done, time that's not always available. From the sky, we provide reliable 2D or 3D measurements. This way we can produce a DSM (Digital Surface Model) or a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) quicker and cheaper, even at the highest (Dutch) government standards!



    A house says a lot about its owners. For example, the owners of solar panels constitute an interesting target group for a broad range of products. We detect and map them on an address level. This is interesting if your product is related to solar panels, but also if you’re selling solar panels because people buy them only once. Besides solar panels, we map a whole range of other housing characteristics.


    Grid operators and energy suppliers

    Solar energy use is growing rapidly .This is good news, but there are challenges as well. One significant challenge, for example, is in rural areas where there is a risk of grid overload (small grid capacity vs big installations). Energy suppliers have to balance demand and production and therefore need to know the total amount of solar energy produced. Readaar is able to offer insights about photovoltaic installations at the address level: installed capacity, orientation and inclination.


    Home insurance companies

    Dormers, extensions, solar panels, etc. raise the construction costs of a building. Most of the time, it is mandatory to report these kinds of changes to the insurance company. However not everybody does this. Readaar helps keep your portfolio up to date, by providing yearly updates of all building changes.


    Mortgage lenders

    Mortgage lenders are confronted with growing capital demands (Basel III); these requirements are based on the LtMV (Loan to Market Value). It is common to use an index based on the taxation value / buying price from the day the mortgage was granted. But, afterwards, homeowners invest a significant amount of money in: improvements such as dormers, extensions, new roofs and solar panels. This is market value which isn't taken into account in the current methods. Readaar finds this extra market value for you


  • Solar panels

    To detect and map solar panels, we use a combination of different techniques such as object recognition and change detection. With these techniques we derive countrywide information such as year of construction, surface area, installed capacity, orientation and inclination.

    Asbestos roofs

    We map asbestos roofs by determining 100 different characteristics from different sources, we use these to calculate the chance a roof contains asbestos. We are currently executing different pilots with different municipalities. The data will be available early 2017.

    Automated surveying

    Tuning to your particular problem, we develop algorithms that can translate 3D-data into: heights, surfaces and volumes of buildings and area (DSM/DTM). Depending on the requirements, we use LiDAR-data or dense image matching on stereo imagery.

    Change detection

    Modifications are typically either replacement, extension or removal. All these can be identified and mapped using change detection. For replacement, we compare imagery of different years; for volume alteration, we use LiDAR-data or dense image matching based on stereo imagery.

  • We like to look at things from above

  • TEAM

    Sven Briels

    Technology Director

    Sven can do anything with aerial photographs, satellite images and LiDAR data. The bigger the challenge, the better!

    Jean Michel Renders

    Data Director

    Jean Michel can do anything with data, he combines a Phd in machine learning with corporate experience in data mining and artificial intelligence

    Matthijs van Til

    Managing Director.

    Matthijs is an entrepreneur who loves technology, innovation and sustainability.

    Erik Heeres

    Operations Manager

    Erik ensures that our organization is running smoothly so that we deliver on time and according to specifications.

    Jasmijn Kusters

    Quallity Control

    Jasmijn is responsible for quality control, she makes sure everything is checked before we sent it to customers.

    Yvette Brugman

    Office Manager

    Yvette makes sure everything goes according to plan.

    Martijn Vermeer


    Martijn is working on his final thesis about the improved detection of roof segments.

    Carlos Camps Pons


    Carlos studies aerospace engineering and works on the detection of roofmateriaals.

    Michiel Mollema


    Michiel is working on automatical recognition of different roof segments.

    Jeroen Hoff


    Jeroen labels asbestos roofs, he recognizes them from a distance.

    Michael Hensen


    Michael has a sharp eye for details and uses that to label asbestos roofs.

    Myckel Eulink


    Myckel is not only Goldcontributer of Open streetmap he is also mapping asbestos roofs.

    Inge van Meiracker


    Inge studies Geographical Information Management and Application.

    Jan Westerhof


    Jan turned his hobby (Open Street Map) into his job.

    Onno van Hooren


    Onno is accurate and has a good focus, perfect

    characteristics to map asbestos roofs.

    Dirk Wedman


    Dirk has many talents including the identification of asbestos roofs.

    Yvar in 't Veld


    Yvar is a Management of Technology student.

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